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1 knitted moose head!

Now this is art! Or craft! Bananas, totally took advantage of tonight’s gorgeous evening and walked home – found this knitted moose head pinned up on the wall of some schmicko business in east sydney – I LOVE IT!


5 comments on “1 knitted moose head!

  1. ceeceethatsme
    16 July 2012

    This is awesome! Do you think you would ever have a crack at making something like this?

    • semerusolarsystem
      16 July 2012

      Oh, I think so, definitely. Maybe a tiger’s head… Or a shark’s head!

  2. eatitbanana
    17 July 2012

    I have some half knitted mittens to start you off

  3. 56leyspring
    17 July 2012

    This is so awesome!

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